VCM - Wales Coastal Path Challenge

Welcome to our first cycling virtual challenge.

Just cycle the 870 miles virtually which would take you around the coast of Wales.

You can complete in any time frame you choose and complete as much or as little as you want per cycle.

This can be done on an exercise bike or by actually riding outside.

Once you sign up for the challenge, simply log your miles and then send your evidence to us to claim your medal.

All medals are bespoke and unique to the challenge and are a fantastic size.

We will be adding more challenges as time goes on, and every medal will be different and unique

Medals will be posted first class

Any age and any ability are welcome and feel free to make any suggestions for a new challenge

Evidence to be emailed to [email protected]

The details ...

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VCM - Wales Coastal Path Challenge

  • Virtual £10.00

Virtual Challenge Medals Event Contact : Kathryn Donovan

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