SATURN - Ten In Ten Series 2025 - Rise From The Ashes

Saturday, 12 April 2025 @ 08:00



We have a £100 discount on our normal medal price for all entries we receive on or before 31 May 2024. As you are entering the series, you will automatically receive a free Running Rings Loyalty event too. Your £220 (affiliated runner) / £240 (unattached runner) fee will give you access to 11 runs!!

If you are wanting to run Half Marathon or under, you can run twice in one day with our Double Up option. If you dont want a second medal, itsfree for your second run - after all there are no additional costs to us. If you want a second event medal then we are doing the second run at cost of an additional £10 per day. Unsure? Double Up with the no medal for the second run and you can always buy a second medal on the day and if we dont have any event medals then you will get a random one!

Run Only No Medal Option

You can also enter as a Run Only runner for £150.00. You will not receive the medal, but you can still order the T-Shirt.

About Our Ten In Ten:

Join us for our 2025 Easter Ten In Ten series with the first in our mythical creatures Ten In Ten series. The courses are next to each other in Egham and Staines. This means if you are staying in a hotel it's not far from either course. Whether you're experienced at running multiple events over consecutive days or you are contemplating your first Ten In Ten challenge, we will support you all the way.

You will need to complete at least one lap on each of the 10 days to be a Ten In Ten finisher. However, you can complete as many laps as you want within the super generous 8hr cut off. So if you have always wanted to attempt 10 Marathons in 10 Days or 10 Ultras in 10 days, then our event with its long cut-offs will give you a great opportunity to allow you to achieve your goals.

You will be joined on each of the days by other runners who are running individual events.

If you believe you will take longer than the advertised 8 hours, please let us know in advance so we can arrange for you to have a little extra. We want you to complete your challenge.

Day 1: Fire Red - Baptism Of Fire

Day 2: Burnt Orange - Songbird Run

Day 3: Sunshine Yellow - Sunbird Run

Day 4: Pyro Purple - Freebird Run

Day 5: Crystal Blue - Healing Tears Run

Day 6: Sparkling Black - Black Magic Run

Day 7: White Hot - Fighting Fire With Fire Run

Day 8: Fahrenheit Orange - Fenghuang Run

Day 9: Enchanted Green - The Green Inferno Run

Day 10: Hot Pink: Rising From The Ashes Rebirth Run


Each day you will receive one of our Rise From The Ashes Medals for completing at least one lap.

Ten In Ten entrants will also receive our unique Ten In Ten medal and a Rise From The Ashes pin for each day to attach to the medal.

Finisher's T-Shirt:

You can add a Ten In Ten Finishers T-Shirt to your order. On entry the optional extra for the T-Shirt, choose your size and ensure we also know your expected distance. We will order a T-Shirt to arrive before the start so it is ready for you to collect.

You can always order a T-Shirt during the event, however you will probably need to wait for up to 12 weeks to receive this once the event finishes.

Our T-Shirts are £30.00 per runner.

Goody Bag:

Absolutely and as always you will get a goody bag to help you replace all those burnt calories! We have vegan goody bags available too.

Free Running Rings Loyalty Scheme:

We believe our pricing represents the best price available for any UK based 10 in 10 series. The early discount rate is £100 less expensive than benchmarked 10 in 10 series

You will also qualify, under our Saturn Running Rings Loyalty Scheme for a free run by running all these events! You can use this at any stage after the event, meaning on average it will cost an affiliated runner £22.73 per run for the 11 runs.

The details ...

  • When

    Saturday, 12 April 2025 @ 08:00
  • What

    8hr timed event | Flat | Trail
  • Where

    The Last Hop, Clarence Street, Staines
  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    12 yrs


Organiser T&C's

We allow transfers for free online (via EventEntry transfer system) up to 7 days prior to the event.

Thereafter we will allow a deferral to another event for a one off fee of £18 - you will need to have paid your fee and chosen your new event prior to the start of this event.

Anyone wishing to run over 45km must be 20 years of age or older, 18/19 years old can only run up to 45km.

Full Terms & Conditions can be found at


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SATURN - Ten In Ten Series 2025 - Rise From The Ashes

  • No Medal Option - Affiliated £150.00
  • No Medal Option - Unattached £170.00
  • Double Up (1/2 Mara or under) for free - Affiliate £220.00

    Run twice each day - no medal for second run

  • Double Up (1/2 Mara or under) for free - Unaffilia £240.00

    Run your 2nd for free - no medal for second run

  • Double Up - Second Run Medal - Affiliated £320.00

    Run 2nd event with extra medal included

  • Double Up - Second Run Medal - Unaffiliated £340.00

    Run 2nd run with medal included