Online entry for running, sportive, triathlon & virtual events. Online registration for charity events.

Event Director Portal

Comprehensive self-serve event registration management

Take full control of your events with our all-in-one management portal. Manage promotions, registration, and more, all in real-time.

The portal provides customised event management in real-time, including event details, pricing, images, discounts & promotions.

We're proud to be an independent UK business (based in Cumbria). We have no minimum terms, no contractual tie-in, no minimum entry numbers.

Our fees are competitive and transparent. We don't overinflate fees to then 'offer you a deal'. We're not driven by commission or sales targets - we're here to help take the headache out of event management administration!

Once we've setup your initial event, you can self-manage from that point forwards, add any new events that you may wish to host.

So whether you want to tweak the event description, update pricing, upload new images, the control is there for you. Of course, we're here to provide any assistance that you may need.


A dashboard full of really useful metrics and entry information. See who's entered which event, entries over time, where your entrants are located and more.

Event listing

Manage all events in one place - a single point of reference for easy and direct comparison. Real-time, paid-up entrant lists with csv export.

Event setup

Comprehensive customisation and control over all aspects of event setup - including scheduled opening, maximum entries, age limits, images, optional questions, point of entry merchandise sales and more.

Unlimited entry types - transparent fees

Unlimited entry types - pricing with transparent fees. Set maximum number of entries or age limits for each entry type as required. Set scheduled price variations (early bird, flash sales etc)

Discount & voucher codes + Gift Vouchers

A comprehensive array of discount code types, with free entry, BOGOF, percentage or value discounts, event specific or across the board - together with Gift Vouchers.

Integrated Mailing

Send important event related emails directly to entrants from within the portal, with no need to use third-party services.

Self-service entrant transfers

Gone are the days of handling transfer requests - entrants can transfer their entries themselves - dramatically reducing event management and ultimately saving you time & money!

Simple - Multiple entries - Single payment

EventEntry doesn't require pre-register, after all, the entry IS the registration! Entrants are able to enter multiple events at the same time, and pay just once. Online shopping does that, so why not online registration - it seems obvious to us!!

Online entries : all-inclusive & totally transparent fees

EventEntry manages entries for you, leaving you to concentrate on your event - no more paper entry forms or cheques!

After we've setup your first event, from that point forwards, you can self-administer every aspect using our Organiser Portal - including creating new events.

EventEntry is totally free to setup, with transparent & all-inclusive service charges based simply upon entry price. Nothing is hidden or buried away in small print, there are no additional payment processing charges and there is no VAT.

We have no minimum contract terms, no minimum number of entries - we're inclusive, not restrictive!

And if you're looking to host a wholly free event, fun-run / sports day or other free-to-attend event, then you can benefit from all the great features of EventEntry - for free!

If you're a UK Registered Charity, then we offer reduced rates (subject to minimum). Please contact us to discuss.

Our fee schedule below applies to events based in the UK transacting in GBP. For international events, please contact us to discuss pricing.

Entry price Our fee
Free event £0.00
upto £5 £0.50
upto £10 £0.75
upto £20 £1.00
upto £25 £1.25
upto £30 £1.50
upto £35 £1.75
upto £40 £2.00
upto £45 £2.25
upto £50 £2.50
over £50 please see updated price calculator below
* Frozen 2024 *

Price Calculator

Simply enter your entry price and we'll show you how it all works - simple & transparent

** No additional fees ** No VAT ** No retention **

Reduced administration = Increased event profits

Lots of great features ...

Online entry for ANY event

24/7 Availability



Real-time entrants

Real-time places remaining

Event scheduling

Automatic event closure

Age verification

Self service transfers

Sell merchandise

Accept donations


Event Director portal

Real-time entrant data

Virtual race numbers / bibs

Virtual results

Virtual tracking maps (Google)

Customised questions

Custom emails & attachments

Early bird discounts

Voucher codes

Gift vouchers

Free refunds **