EventEntry an advert-free online entry system thats cost effective, simple to use and mobile friendly.

Online entry for sport events

EventEntry is a UK owned & operated, online entry software system streamlined for the mobile user.

We have a single aim, to make online entry simple, quick & hassle free - without the clutter of intrusive advertisements.

We believe that by streamlining the online entry process, we can offer significant added value to every event.

We don't insist that users register prior to entry - we know that's a faff anyway, and not everyone wants to do that.

Fully managed, all-inclusive & totally transparent!

We manage your entries, leaving you to concentrate on your event.

EventEntry is free to setup with totally transparent & all-inclusive service charges based simply upon your event price - nothing is hidden or buried away in small print (unlike some).

  • 5% (minimum 50p)
    • eg : £0.50 on £10 entries
    • eg : £0.75 on £15 entries
    • eg : £1.00 on £20 entries
    • eg : £1.25 on £25 entries
    • eg : £1.50 on £30 entries
    • eg : £1.75 on £35 entries
    • eg : £2.00 on £40 entries

We may be able to offer reduced rates for large or charity events - call today to discuss.

Reduced event administration = greater profits

  • Free to setup
  • Fully managed ... no software required
  • Friendly & memorable URL's ... www.evententry.co.uk/my-event-name
  • SmartEntry - Checks that the entrant hasn't entered already
  • Fully customised titles, images & event descriptions
  • Real-time list of confirmed entrants
  • Timed entries - open entries automatically at a specific date/time
  • Automatically close entries based on date, event capacity or type.
  • Self-service entry transfers ... no organiser intervention required
  • Personalised virtual race numbers ... generated automatically
  • Age verification
  • Dedicated landing page ... www.evententry.co.uk/events/MyCompanyName
  • LiveChat support
  • Additional T&C's
  • Customised questions
  • Customised email confirmations with attachments as required
  • Date specific early-bird discounts
  • Maintain offline postal entries for free - all entries in one place!
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly entrant updates via email
  • Secure entrant listing with spreadsheet download 24/7
  • No annoying or distracting adverts
  • Secured transactions using SHA256 G2 SSL encryption
  • Entrant pre-registration not required
  • Accept all major credit / debit cards, including PayPal
  • Optimised for mobile devices - smartphones & tablets (but works great on all other devices too!)
  • Prompt payments straight into the organisers bank account

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