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About Us

Online entry for
running, triathlon & virtual sports events

EventEntry was created by sports people & event organisers for sports people and like-minded Race Directors - we know, we understand - because we do it ourselves!

We are wholly UK owned & operated and our online entry software system is streamlined for the mobile user.

EventEntry has a single aim, and that is to make online entry simple, quick & hassle free - without the clutter of intrusive advertisements.

We believe that by streamlining the online entry process, EventEntry can offer significant added value to each and every event.

We don't insist on pre-registration, after all - the entry IS the registration, so why complicate matters ... what a faff!!

Fully managed online entries, all-inclusive & totally transparent!

We manage your entries for you, leaving you to concentrate on your event.

EventEntry is totally free to setup and free for organisers to use, with totally transparent & all-inclusive service charges based simply upon your event price - nothing is hidden or buried away in small print (unlike some), there are no additional card processing charges and there is no VAT.

We have no minimum contract terms, no minimum number of entries - we're inclusive, not restrictive!

  • For example :
    • Entries upto £5 ... £0.50p
    • Entries upto £10 ... £0.75p
    • Entries upto £20 ... £1.00
    • Entries upto £25 ... £1.25
    • Entries upto £30 ... £1.50
    • Entries upto £35 ... £1.75
    • Entries upto £40 ... £2.00
    • Entries upto £45 ... £2.25
    • Entries upto £50 ... £2.50
    • Entries over £50 ... £call to discuss

Reduced administration = Increased event profits

  • Free to setup
  • Fully managed ... no software required
  • No minimum term or volume contractual tie-ins of any kind
  • No annoying or distracting adverts
  • Optimised for mobile devices - smartphones & tablets (but works great on all other devices too!)
  • Friendly & memorable URL's ...
  • Prompt payments straight into the organisers bank account
  • Accept all major credit / debit cards, including PayPal & Stripe.
  • Dedicated friendly landing page
  • Secured transactions using SHA256 G2 SSL encryption
  • Entrant pre-registration not required
  • Standard questions to assist with Data Protection/GDPR compliance

Lots of great features ...

24/7 Availability



Real-time Entrants

Real-time places remaining

Event scheduling

Automatic event closure

Age verification

Self service transfers

Sell merchandise

Accept donations


Customised questions

Custom emails & attachments

Early bird discounts

Voucher codes

Offline entries

Free refunds **