EventEntry offers simple to use online entry services for sports and charities.

Online Entry - Entrant FAQ's

EventEntry is really simple to use, but we understand that sometimes, you may have a question - here are a few FAQ's to get you started.

Who are EventEntry ?

EventEntry is a family run business based in Leicestershire. We're not a huge corporate sitting in a call centre somewhere, we have an office in sunny North West Leicestershire with plenty of tea on tap ;-)

We're runners and event organisers ourselves, so we understand exactly how the industry works. EventEntry was setup because we knew that we could do a better job than that which was available at the time ... and to be honest, we know that we beat a great number of our competitors on price and service now!

We provide a service to event organisers, so that they can efficiently handle entries for their events.

Do you charge a processing fee ?

EventEntry charge a service fee to the event organiser, we do not surcharge the entrant. In fact since January 2018, it's been illegal to do so. The price that you pay to enter an event on EventEntry will be the same price if you were to pay cash or cheque directly to the organiser.

Is my data safe ?

In short, yes - but please feel free to read our Privacy Policy for full details on how we handle, store and process your personal information.

Can I enter more than one event at a time?

You certainly can, simply enter one event and when at the basket, click 'Enter another event' and when you're complete, just make a single payment - simple !

Can I enter more than one entrant at a time?

Again, yes indeedy! Providing the entrants details are unique and individual, you can enter as many people in as many events as you wish ... subject to event capacity.

I don't have a PayPal account

That's not a problem. Whilst we use PayPal as a trusted and secure payment gateway, you don't need a PayPal account, all major cards are accepted too.

Why haven't I received my confirmation email?

There could be a number of things at play here :

  • We send email confirmations to the email address used during payment which could be different to the entrant.
  • Our email has been caught in spam/junk.
  • The email address has a typo

Why isn't my name shown on the entrant list ?

In short, because you opted to be hidden. With the advent of GDPR, explicit consent is required to display your name on the public entrant list.

I want to transfer my entry but can't locate my reference.

Your entry reference is contained within the original entry confirmation email. But not a problem, contact our team via LiveChat or email info@evententry.co.uk and we'll help you out.

My transfer isn't working, why not ?

It could be for a number of reasons :

  • The details entered don't match our records - we need an EXACT match
  • The transfer window has closed
  • The event doesn't allow transfers
  • The entry has already been transferred, re-transfers are not permitted.

Can I get a refund?

Each event has different terms & conditions, so refunds are dependant upon the event and/or organiser. The entry terms are clearly stated within the event listing, but if you're unsure, please feel free to LiveChat with us and we can check for you.

Can my friend run in my place?

Absolutely NOT.

Many events provide a window in which you can officially transfer places. Outside of this, just turning up and collecting someone else's number is a big no-no !! It puts the event at risk, could be potentially harmful in the event of a medical emergency and risks you being disqualified from the event.

When will I receive my race number?

Race number allocation is down to event organiser in question. Many now hand out numbers on the day, so please check with the event listing for more details.

Is there a waiting list?

At the moment, we don't offer waiting list functionality, purely because 99% of our organisers like to maintain direct contact with entrants, should random places become available.

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