EventEntry provides running & triathlon events with an easy to use online entry management system.


Something seems to have gone wrong!

As you've arrived on this troubleshooting page, you're perhaps looking for help or our systems have detected that there may be something wrong. Worry not however, we're here to help and get you on your way!

Possible reasons

  • Out dated browser
    Old browsers restrict functionality and are often insecure. Technology moves fast and we have to keep up with the curve. Our systems only officially support the following browsers at their latest and most up-to-date versions.
    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Safari
    • Firefox
  • JavaScript (active scripting) is disabled
    We use JQuery within our system, a derivative of JavaScript - if you have JavaScript/Active Scripting disabled within your browser, then we won't work!
  • Cookies are disabled
    Our system uses sessions, which is a server-side kind of cookie. These are required and used ONLY during the entry process, nothing is stored on your device. If you disable cookies within your browser, then we won't work.
  • In-Private / InCognito browsing is being used
    We won't tire you with the geeky detail, but InPrivate Browsing can interfere with the smooth operation of our service.

Confirmation email not received

Confirmation emails are sent to the email address used during payment ONLY - the person paying the bill, which may be different to the entrant(s) themselves.

There are some email clients which simply don't like emails from automated systems, as EventEntry is. Some will incorrectly flag our confirmation emails as junk/spam and some won't deliver them at all - Hotmail being a prime example.

To reduce this happening, we recommend putting service@evententry.co.uk & info@evententry.co.uk within your safe/allowed senders list and also checking your spam/junk folder too. EventEntry will not use your email address for marketing purposes.