Virtually But Not Quite The London Marathon

Official online event entry for Virtually But Not Quite The London Marathon, Sunday, 26 April 2020

At a cost of £15, there are two options available for our virtual run:

Half Marathon Distance Challenge
If you have had one of the large Spring half-marathons cancel abroad or in the UK, then you can enter this event and run a half marathon distance. Ideally we want runners to run on 26th April, but we will allow you 4 week either side of this date. You will need to complete the distance in one run.

Full Marathon Distance Challenge:
If you have had one of the large Spring marathons (including the London Marathon) cancel or postpone your event, then this may be the event for you. Ideally we want runners to run on 26th April, but we will allow you 4 week either side of this date. Please ensure you have sufficient support (e.g. a hydration pack, places you can get liquid etc.) when doing your virtual challenge.

Self-isolating / Coronavirus between signing up and starting the challenge
If between signing up and the start of the challenge, you are self-isolating or have the coronavirus, then don't worry as we will allow you to complete the event as soon as you are feeling better and are able to run the distance. We have given a wide 8 week window for you to do your challenge, but if you do need longer to recover if you do fall ill, then we will keep your medal and allow you to complete your challenge outside of this window.

Running on 26th April
Our preference is for runners to do their challenge on 26th April, so if you are able to do this then fantastic! Join our Strava group (search for Saturn and not Saturn Running) and we can then see your results in here!

As soon as you complete your challenge, then email us your Strava / Garmin result and we will send you your medal in the post.

All profits from this virtual event and our actual event will be going to the Antibiotic Research UK Charity. Whilst we know the recent Coronavirus is not something that an antibiotic can stop, the increasing bacterial resistance to existing antibiotics could lead to a future global health scare without new treatments being made available. We strongly believe it is unethical for any business to try and profit from this global crisis and we guarantee all profits will be sent to charity. Even though the cost of the research is likely to be measured in £billions, our small contribution may be being spent when the next big antibiotic breakthrough occurs.

Organiser Saturn Running | Charlotte McDonough

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