JackRabbit - Virtual Reboot

Official online event entry for JackRabbit - Virtual Reboot, Thursday, 31 December 2020

You've asked, so who are we to say no - here we have our most comprehensive selection of past event medals up for grabs - virtually of course.

The process is simple and stress free. All you need to do is run an equivalent distance to that of the original event, in your own time, anywhere, submit your time with supporting data (watch data, Strava screenshot etc) to virtual@jackrabbitevents.co.uk, and we'll send you your chosen medal. We'll also put together an informal league table of results, just to give it a little competitive edge.

If you'd like more than one medal, not a problem, simply enter multiple times, select a different medal for each. Don't forget to submit your proof to virtual@jackrabbitevents.co.uk

We have limited quantities of medals - your choices are :
Beacon Solstice Run (5 miles)
* BSR1 - Solstice Run - Jack n the Sun
* BSR2 - Solstice Run - Aztec Gold
* BSR3 - Solstice Run - Greenman
* BSR4 - Solstice Run - Egyptian Ra

Calke Abbey (10K)
* CA1 - Calke Abbey - House n Red Jack
* CA2 - Calke Abbey - Coat of Arms n Black Jack
* CA3 - Calke Abbey - Coat of Arms n Wild Boar
* CA4 - Calke Abbey - Wild Boar Head
* CA5 - Calke Abbey - Egyptian Scarab

Beacon Trail (10k & half marathon)
* BT1 - Beacon Trail - Large Flaming Beacon
* BT2 - Beacon Trail - Bronze & Yellow Beacon
* BT3 - Beacon Trail - Silver & Red Beacon
* BT4 - Beacon Trail - Gold Green Man
* BT5 - Beacon Trail - Egyptian - Apophis

Standard virtual entries are for UK delivery with international delivery available as an option.

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