INFINITY - Groundjog Challenge

Groundjog challenge is our newest and another tough challenge.

Can you run 4.4 miles?

How about 6 times in one day, thus completing a marathon distance within 24 hours.

You choose the day you run and how far apart you spread the runs. You just need to run 4.4 miles 6 times within any 24 hours

The medal is another stunning 3D medal and weighs around 600g. It�s double sided and totally unique!

Again we will create a Groundjog Challenge Hall of fame on our website for all finishers.

Once you register we will post out your medal so the day you finish, the medal will be with you for when you complete the challenge. Then just email us your evidence so we can congratulate you and add to our website finishers list.

As always we will pop in some goodies and sweets with the medal.

This challenge is open to any ability, and any age.

You can complete this in a treadmill or by going outside, whichever you prefer

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INFINITY - Groundjog Challenge

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