INFINITY - 12 Month Virtual Challenge 2021

Here is our first ever yearly virtual challenge with an absolutely amazing price of bling.

This medal is 100mm and when opened reaches 200mm in size.

So how do you earn yourself one of these?

Each month of 2021 you need to complete a run of your chosen distance. This can be virtually, at any event, or even on your treadmill.

Once you reach December, send us all your evidence and we will post out this amazing medal. Each run must be completed in every calendar month to earn this, but we don’t mind if you walk, jog or run.

As soon as evidence is received in December 2021 your medal will be posted out to you.

Have fun and we hope this gives you a bit of motivation to get out there in 2021

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INFINITY - 12 Month Virtual Challenge 2021

  • Virtual £22.00