PHOENIX - Gift Vouchers

PHOENIX Running is delighted to offer RACE GIFT VOUCHERS.

These are available year round and can be purchased at any time.

Simply purchase the voucher by entering your own details and then the name of the intended recipient, so we know who they're for.

You'll receive a confirmation email in the usual way which will have a PDF of your voucher attached. Simply print this off and pass it onto the luckily recipient. These are idea to put in Birthday cards, Christmas cards or gift cards. If you order more than one voucher at a time, simply print it off more than once. We track these back against the original purchase so we'll know when the recipient gets in touch.

You can even purchase one for yourself if you've yet to decide which event you want, but what to bank the entry fee.

These vouchers can be used on any Phoenix Running event, subject to availability (I.E the event isn't already full). The only exclusions are the one or two annual Phoenix 'special' events as stated in those event terms and conditions. Vouchers must be used within 2 years of the original purchase date.

Forget flowers - say it with a Phoenix Race Gift Voucher!

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PHOENIX - Gift Vouchers

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