ZigZag - Virtual 50 Miles in a Month

Can you complete 50 Miles in a the month of July

Thats 50 Miles, in 31 days, just over 80Km

So within July you need to have travelled 50 Miles

You can choose how you travel this distance, it could be walking, Hiking, Jogging, Jeffing or even sprinting

It's the equivalent of 2 miles a day for 25 days.

You may decided to split it bewteen 16 x 5k runs

Or even 8 x 10k runs or jogs

You may decide to complete Four Half Marathon disctances in July,

Or even two Full Marathons.

Its entirely up to you how you achieve the distance, whether you Walk, Jog or Sprint.
Don't forget to record your distances on your preferred device and why not take lots of pictures to share whilst on your travels, feel free to join in on the daily alphabet game on our Facebook Groupas well, it may make your walk/run even more enjoyable, looking out for the things that relate to the days Letter.

Most importantly enjoy the challenge and get your shoes on and start pounding that pavement, path or trail. So join in with a select group of people who are also challenging themselves to achieve the same in July.

The most important part of all this is that you enjoy yourselves, this can only be proved in one way, photo evidence, we want you to take lots of selfies on your journeys, also take pictures along your routes, and so you can inspire others, feel free to post them on the Zig Zag Facebook Page for all to see.

It doesn’t just end there, by taking on this challenge you will be rewarded for your efforts, we have commissioned an individual bespoke medal which will match your efforts and represent your brilliiant achievement in July.

Alongside this you will get an E Certificate which you will be able post on your social Media to celebrate your accomplishment.

Once we have your pictures, with your permission we would like to publish them on our websites Hall of Fame our Facebook Page and our Instagram Page

All for your Eternal Glory….

If you would like to sign up for more than one event, or get someone to join in with you, have a look at our other page where you could get a discount

Multi Event Page

We also have a bonus Prize for the person who completes the 50 Mile distance in the collective fastest time.

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Organiser T&C's

We work on Trust, we will send you the Fantastic medal and E certificate ready for when you finsh the challenge, so you will be able to wear it after youve sent the completed distance, please send your results to events@zigzagrunning.co.uk


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ZigZag - Virtual 50 Miles in a Month

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