Zig Zag Running Monthly Virtual Challenge

Are you ready to challenge yourself for the Month of November ?

Join in with people from all over the UK and Ireland.

Due to popular demand we have opened up more categories with each one having bespoke medals

The distance options are as below, Get Involved.

26.2 Miles in a Month

50 Miles in a Month

75 Miles in a Month

100 Miles in a Month

150 Miles in a Month

200 miles in a Month

250 Miles in a Month

300 Miles in a Month

What happens next ? How do you Prove your distance ? Medal ?

Proof of distance

We have a few ways that you can collect your data and send it to us,

  1. You can send an email either weekly or at the end of the month with your distances to events@zigzagrunning.co.uk
  2. It can be sent as pictures of your Runkeeper, Strava, Fitbit etc, or even simply send it to us as a list of miles that you have covered,
  3. You can post your runs on the Zig Zag Running Facebook Group and we can collect it from there, this will not only give you the chance to see how others are doing, it could inspire many people to join you too

What Medal will I get & when ?

  1. The medal is bespoke to the distance that you have opted to complete, we have designed medals for each of the distances and they will be sent to you as we see you are nearing the end of the challenge, this is usually towards the end of the month as we like to give you an option
  2. The option to change your distance, whilst you may have chosen a distance you feel is enough to achieve, experience tells us that sometimes this changes at some point through the challenge, some people find that they are cruising through the distance and eating up the miles so easily that they would like to go for a further distance, we allow this change, obviously we have a cut off point towards the end of the month but were flexible.
  3. We want you to enjoy the experience as well as push yourselves, we also find that some challengers find that life gets in the way sometimes, so we do have that cushion of opting to drop the distance so you can still achieve, its all about the end result, no one fails…….

Most importantly enjoy the challenge and get your trainers on and start pounding that pavement, path or trail. So join in with a select group of amazing people who are also challenging themselves to achieve the same in November,

First and foremost we want you to enjoy yourselves on this quest, you’re enjoyment can only really be proved in one way, photo evidence, we love to see your pictures, we want you to take lots of selfies on your journeys, also take pictures along your routes so you can inspire others, feel free to post them on the Zig Zag Running Facebook group for all to see. .

Alongside this you will get an Finishers E Certificate which you will be able post on your social Media to celebrate your accomplishment.

Once we have your pictures, with your permission we would like to publish them on our Facebook Group And our Instagram Page

All for your Eternal Glory….

The details ...

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Organiser T&C's

We work on Trust, we will send you the Fantastic medal and E certificate ready for when you finsh the challenge, so you will be able to wear it after youve sent the completed distance, please send your results to events@zigzagrunning.co.uk


Enter Now

Zig Zag Running Monthly Virtual Challenge

  • Virtual - Marathon £17.50
  • Virtual - 50 Miles £17.50
  • Virtual - 75 Miles £17.50
  • Virtual - 100 Miles £17.50
  • Virtual - 150 Miles £17.50
  • Virtual - 200 Miles £17.50
  • Virtual - 250 Miles £17.50
  • Virtual - 300 Miles £17.50