Virtual Catch 'Em All Pokerun

So what is the Virtual Catch 'Em All Pokerun?

You have the choice of running any distance from 5km upwards as post of your challenge. We were going to hold this as an actual event on 22nd March and a virtual event for May 2020. Therefore, as long as you complete at least a 5km run duing May 2020 you will have your name recorded in our official results.

Self-isolating / Coronavirus between signing up and starting the challenge If between signing up and the start of the challenge, you are self-isolating or have the coronavirus, then don't worry as we will allow you to complete the event as soon as you are feeling better and are able to run the distance. We have given a wide 31 day window for you to do your challenge, but if you do need longer to recover if you do fall ill, then we will keep your medal and allow you to complete your challenge outside of this window.


All profits from this virtual event and our rescheduled actual event will be going to Charity. How does it work?
Once you have signed up, all you need to do is to complete the distance by 31st May 2020 and send us a photo or copy of your Garmin / Strava / Runtastic or any other app. You can send this to so that we pick this up separate to our Saturn Running emails.

We will send out the medals in the week BEFORE the 1st May to allow people to be presented with their medal / take selfies etc straight after completing the run - remember to take a selfie an post it on our group!! If you sign up after the start of May this will obviously be delayed until later in May! We would still love you to send us your results so that we can publish a results page so that you have a results page to show people how amazing you are!

What about distance pins?
A great questions and if you complete your chosen distance in one run then you will get the relevant pin!

Half Marathon Pin
If you complete your chosen distance in one run of 13.1 miles we will give you the half marathon pin.

Full Marathon Pin
If you complete the marathon distance in one run of 26.2 miles we will give you the full marathon pin.

Is there a results page?
We will put the results of the virtual run online as and when runners complete their chosen distance. This will be structured in terms of how quickly you complete the distance.

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Virtual Catch 'Em All Pokerun

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