Saturn - Virtual Time Turner Medal Dash

Have you missed one of our great events and want the medal? Well here is your chance to do a virtual run of any distance and at any time. You can enter this event any number of times in order to collect the medals you want.

On entry, you will be able to select the medal that you want, however, be quick as some of these are in very short supply and once they run out we won't have any more of that design made. Scroll through the images above to see the medals we have available. We may add new medals too so keep checking back!

Our current medals available for the Virtual Time Turner Medal Grab are...

A Right Royal Run - Everyone's former favourite Royal Couple have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently! This was our very first medal and doubles as a fridge magnet too.

Operation Overlord - A hugely popular medal celebrating 75 years since the D-Day landings. We held this event on the beach in Northumberland and only have a few medals left.

Run Forrest Run - Perhaps our heaviest medal and a unique opening design. It's one of our most popular designs and you don't have to run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours to earn it.

Rundercats - Who remembers the iconic 1980's cartoon? If you were a fan of the cartoon, then you can collect you special Rundercats medal.

Masters Of The Runiverse - Continuing our 1980's cartoon theme, can you also remember this classic?

The Great British Bake Run - Running and cake, what a great combination. We have an annual Great British Bake Run and whilst we can't virtually supply you with cake, you will get a yummy medal with no soggy bottom.

Philosopher's Run - We weren't going to put this medal on, however with only 6 remaining, we have decided to add it to the list! Our very first spinning medal, which caused quite a challenge to produce. Two sided, it is the first in this series.

X-Run - Superheros are in all of us! We love this medal and with less than 10 remaining, you will have to be quick.

Zoovengers - We couldn't decide between Zootropolis and Avengers, so we merged the two together.

Runger Games - This is one of the best most recent films and it is a gorgeous medal. We have very few of these left.

Hard Day's Run - Our first iconic band based medal celebrating the fab four. An absolute must if you are a fan!

Chasing Numbers - Mathematicians or geeks like George will love this medal. It is based on a Sacks Spiral. In an article 'The first 50 million prime numbers', Don Zagier noted two contradictory characteristics of the distribution of prime numbers. The first is the erratic and seemingly chaotic way in which the primes 'grow like weeds among the natural numbers'. The second is that, when they are viewed in the large, they exhibit 'stunning regularity'. Our medal does't quite show the first 50 million prime numbers!!

Remembrance Day Run - Our first Remembrance Day run in Durham had a fantastic design and remains one of our favourite medals.

ARUNdelle - Okay, the weather is getting warming as we approach summer, so perfect for a snowman! This is perhaps our most popular medal to date and we even had to order a second batch which has nearly sold out too.

The event is open to anyone over the age of 5, however all children should be running with a responsible adult.

How does it work?
Once you have signed up, all you need to do is to complete the distance by 31st December 2020 and send us a photo or copy of your Garmin / Strava / Runtastic or any other app. You can send this to so that we pick this up separate to our Saturn Running emails. We will send out the medals as soon as you enter so you will receive these in time for your run.

What about distance pins?
A great questions and we will send you a distance pin based on what you select during the sign up process. The pins we have are:

* Half Marathon Pin
If you complete your chosen distance in one run of 13.1 miles we will give you the half marathon pin.

* Mega-Half Pin
If you complete your chosen distance in one run of between 14 miles and 26 miles we will give you the mega-marathon pin.

*Full Marathon Pin
If you complete the marathon distance in one run of 26.2 miles we will give you the full marathon pin.

* 50km Pin
If you complete your chosen distance in one run of 50km we will give you the 50km pin.

* Ultra Marathon Pin
Any distance above 27 miles, excluding 50km, qualifies for our Ultra-Marathon pin.

Is there a results page?
We will put the results of the virtual run online as and when runners complete their chosen distance. This will be structured in terms of how quickly you complete the distance.

What other challenges do you have?
We have a number of virtual challenges available during to help keep all you great runners motivated to continue to run during the period of social distancing. We have set up special runs which will also help to raise money for charity. Later in the year we will be having a Halloween virtual run and a Christmas virtual run so watch out for these medals.

The details ...

  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    5 yrs

Enter Now

Saturn - Virtual Time Turner Medal Dash

  • A Right Royal Run £20.00
  • Operation Overlord £20.00
  • Rundercats £20.00
  • Masters of the Runiverse £20.00
  • Great British Bake Run £20.00
  • X-Run £20.00
  • Zoovengers £20.00
  • Hard Day's Run £20.00
  • Chasing Numbers £20.00
  • Remembrance Day Run £20.00
  • ARUNdelle £20.00