SATURN - The Big Run Theory (Early)

Saturday, 05 June 2021

Join us for The Big Run Theory and earn yourself a fantastic themed medal. We have 3 events on during the day, so there is plenty of choice for you! If you wish to enter our 50 Mile event, you will need to search for Saturn Running Big Run Theory and select the 50 Mile event. This entry is for the Early Timed Event and Both Timed Events.

If you sign up to either one of the 'Timed Events' you will get the fantastic Big Run Theory medal. If you sign up to both 'Timed Events' then your second medal will be our new S medal.

Alternatively you can enter our special 50 mile event where you will receive The Big Run Theory medal and also a technical 50 mile event t-shirt. To guarantee the T-Shirt size you want is available on the day, you will need to enter by 16th April 2021. However, you can enter after this date and we will arrange for your size to be made and delivered to you.

Timed Events
Each of the Timed Events is a 7 hour event. However, if you are entering both events, we would ask you to try and finish your first event by 2pm so we can give you your first medal and you can recover before heading back out. You can choose your distance from 5km to ultra. You can complete as many laps of our 4.37 mile (7.0km) lapped course as you wish within the 7 hour limit. For half marathoners, you will need to complete 3 laps and marathon runners will need to complete 6 laps.

50 Mile Event
This event will start at 6:30am and you will have 15 hours to complete the distance - this timing will avoid the need to use head torches. This works out to be an average of 3.33 mph or splits of about 18 mins 02 secs. We will have a 5 mile route for 50 mile runners as it makes it nice and easy to calculate your distance! If during the event you decide you cannot make the 50 mile distance then you can down to the Time Challenge event. If you have made this decision before 2:30pm, we can record your distance as the first Time Challenge event and you can start the second Time Challenge event from 2:30pm. You would receive the S medal for your second event, but you would not receive your 50 mile t-shirt.

If you decide to down to the Timed Event after 2:30pm you will not be able to compete in the second Time Challenge event as this will have already started. However, you will still get the distance and time recorded as one run and you will also get the Greatest Showman medal.

Can you run further than 50 miles? Absolutely!! If you are wanting to push yourself further, then we will allow you to have the 15 hours as one very long Timed Event!

Medical Cover
We will have third party medical cover at this event in order to help keep you running. However, if the medical team decide you are not able to continue we would ask you to stop.

All Events
We welcome runners of all abilities and as long as you complete at least the 5km will earn an iconic themed medal. Alternatively, you may carry on running and complete as many laps as you can manage within the time limit! We also have a 50k option for those wishing to run this distance.

MINI-ME PIN OPTIONS - We have suspended our pin only option due to ongoing limitations on the number of entrants. As soon as the rules permit a return to normal entries we will reinstate this option. However, all 50 mile runners and runners doing both timed event will be guaranteed to get a mini-me Big Run Theory Pin. Any remaining mini-me pins will be distributed to single entrant runners on a strict first to enter basis.

DISTANCE PINS: There will be a distance pin for all runners who complete either a half marathon, mega half marathon, marathon, 50km, Ultra or 50 mile distance in the 7hr / 15hr time limit which can be attached to your medal ribbon.

The aid station is at the start line and therefore available every 4.37 miles or 5 miles. The toilets are situated in the Brewery which is available for our runners use from 6:00am and for the entire event.

Places are strictly limited and event registration will close once these are sold out.

The details ...

  • When

    Saturday, 05 June 2021 @ 07:00
  • What

    7hrs timed event | Flat | Trail
  • Where

    Thames Side Brewery, Bridge Street, Staines-Upon-Thames, Surrey, TW18 4TG
  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    18 yrs


Organiser T&C's

We allow transfers for free online (via EventEntry transfer system) up to 7 days prior to the event. Thereafter we will allow a deferral to another event for a one off fee of £18 - you will need to have paid your fee and chosen your new event prior to the start of this event.
Please contact the organiser directly should you wish to run with someone under the age of 18


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SATURN - The Big Run Theory (Early)

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  • Transfers open until 31/05/2021
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