PHOENIX - VIRTUAL - SOLAR 10in10 Run Series

Phoenix Running are bringing you the next VIRTUAL version of our epic run series - the VIRTUAL - Solar 10in10 Run Series

As the name suggests this is a series of 10 consecutive VIRTUAL running events held over 10 consecutive days which you can run anywhere and across any 10 consecutive days you like and any distance from 1 mile and up counts. You can, of course chose a more traditional distance as your virtual challenge - maybe 5k, 10k, half to marathon to ultra - it's your 10 day challenge and you can complete it your way.

Note: Please sign up as soon as possible to secure your place - medals for this event will be available from late April 2021, so we're suggesting you ear-mark a suitable 10 days anytime from 1st May 2021 onwards. We have an attended version of this event taking place from 7th August 2021 to 16th August 2021 and you are most welcome to join us virtually for those dates from anywhere in the world.

There are other 10in10's, so what makes the Phoenix Virtual SOLAR Ten in Ten so special?
Well, as we hope you've come to expect from us, we're going to be doing something rather special and unique to us on the 'bling' front. Each day will have a special 'two-part' medal so not one medal but two bits of bling each day!

We've gone a bit mad with these and have produced a rather lovely set of SOLAR System medals for you. These are, of course, our usual BIG and bold bling (goes without saying really that we wouldn't compromise on size) but this time they are 'two part' integrated medals. So each day you get our epic solar system medal with a different planet (integrated and detachable) as the centrepiece. Pretty awesome - two bits of bling every day!

  • Day 1 - The Pluto Run
  • Day 2 - The Neptune Run
  • Day 3 - The Uranus Run
  • Day 4 - The Saturn Run
  • Day 5 - The Jupiter Run
  • Day 6 - The Mars Run
  • Day 7 - The Earth Run
  • Day 8 - The Venus Run
  • Day 9 - The Mercury Run
  • Day 10 - The Sun Run

What do the SOLAR System medals look like?
Well, we're not going to spill the beans quite yet as we have an extra surprise coming with these, but the illustration below (with Day 7 - the Earth Run shown) will give you general idea.

What do the planetary integrated pins look like?

What else do I get?
Oh and did we mention that all TiT finishers in the Half-Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon Categories get a FREE Global Marathon Challenges 'distance specific' VIRTUAL 10in10 Technical Finishers T-Shirt - because you’ve earned it!
Or, if you finish all 10 days in a another distance, such as 5km or 10km, or indeed a mixture of distances then you get a FREE Global Marathon Challengers 'black' VIRTUAL Technical Finishers T-Shirt - because you've also earned it!

Places will be strictly limited so don’t leave it too late to enter.

The details ...

  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    18 yrs

Organiser T&C's

All entries in accordance with Phoenix Running terms & conditions, available in full here.


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PHOENIX - VIRTUAL - SOLAR 10in10 Run Series

  • Virtual (UK P&P) £330.00
  • Virtual (Europe P&P) £355.00
  • Virtual (Worldwide P&P) £380.00
  • Virtual - Deposit payment plan £130.00