Welcome to our RUN May VULTRA 22. It's the second quarter of 2022 already and perhaps you need a running challenge to keep you motivated - then look no further than the RUN May VULTRA. This event has something for everyone; from those who are completely new to running and want to try something awesome to seasoned ultra runners. This is the opportunity to try running for consecutive days and any distance from 1 mile and up counts. Oh and there's a BRAND NEW Phoenix Running Community belt buckle for the 2022 series.

Our RUN May VULTRA will be one of our month long VULTRAS and will start on Sunday 1st May at 12.00am (UK Time) - probably with what's fast becoming our customary 'midnight mile' (you don't have to start at midnight by the way). The event will then run for the 31 days of May and officially end on Tuesday 31st. The idea is to get you to run, walk or crawl at least 1 mile each and every day, but you don't have to run every day to qualify for the awesome bling - just RUN in May.

The exciting bit :

As with all our VULTRAS - you'll get a bespoke sequential BIB when you sign up. There will be a route map and central results and progress landing page on the 'VULTRA' Phoenix Running website, and each competitor will have their own virtual location pin (complete with their name and BIB number for tracking your virtual progress) and you can even have your profile picture appear. Once you start your virtual run you'll submit your mileage as you go, which, once approved, will automatically move you around the map.

But where are we virtually running this May?
As a tribute to one of our favourite routes, we're going to be running our looped section of the waterways and towpath along the River Stort - virtually.

When you sign up you'll be asked to select from one of the following options; these are really just so you can set your own goals, and you won't be held to these - in reality you can run as little or as much as you like each day.

There are 6 May entry options;

  • Any distance - just give me the damn buckle!
  • 1 mile a day - Boom!
  • 3.1 miles a day - well it's a 5k
  • 5 miles a day - it's nice round number
  • 6.2 miles a day - well it's a 10k
  • 10 miles or more each day

As you can see the 'RUN May VULTRA' has something for everyone and is designed to be a month long challenge where you set and achieved your goals. Oh, and if you're still reading this, then it's time to tell you that absolutely everyone who logs just one mile during the entire month gets the bling anyway. Yes, yes, so it's a month long challenge, and yes we do want you to run everyday - however the key to these things is having the courage to start in the first place, so if you start you get the bling! This will also ultimately form part of a larger 12 month challenge, if you want it to.

So let's stay motivated and get plenty of running done in May!

The details ...

  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    16 yrs

Organiser T&C's

All entries in accordance with Phoenix Running terms & conditions, available in full here.


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  • Virtual - UK P&P £26.90
  • Virtual - Europe P&P £33.90
  • Virtual - Worldwide P&P £39.90