PHOENIX - VIRTUAL - P7in7 - It's Christmas Week 2023

Think you could run every day for 7 days? Sounds straightforward, right?

Then look no further than the next P7in7 Challenge to be held during Christmas Week from Monday 18th December to Sunday 24th December 2023.

The concept is simple - go for a run of almost any distance (we suggest 1 mile as the minimum) and repeat each day for 7 days. You can run any distance you want and vary your daily mileage as much as you want but you must cover at least 1 mile in each 24 hour period (from midnight to midnight).

Not only is this is a perfect way to dip your toe into multi-day endurance challenges or further your existing experience, but what better way to spend Christmas week than VIRTUALLY amongst running friends. What's not to love - it'll probably be cold, dark, almost certainly peeing with rain all week and we should all be busy Christmas shopping and doing other things. But hey, let's go running instead.

And just to add a bit of Christmas Spirit, why not try one of the following challenges during your week

  • The Christmas Elf Runner - runs mixed mileage, leaves the house every day with the biggest smile and is probably actually dressed as an Elf.
  • The Bah Humbug Runner - runs mixed mileage, goes out every day and complains every, single bauble-shuffling, step of the way - its cold, its dark, I hate running!
  • The 5k runner, covers 35k in their week
  • The10k runner, covers 70k in their week
  • The Half-Marathon runner, covers 91.7 miles in their week
  • The Marathon runner - covers 183.4 miles in their week
  • The Ultra Marathon runner - theirs is a 200+ mile week
  • - The Fibonacci runner - runs the Fibonacci mathematical sequence finishing with a half marathon on day 7. So, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.1 (add the 0.1 on day 7)
  • The Christmas Tree Climber - adds random mileage each day but always runs more than the day before
  • The Stairway to Christmas Day runner - adds a fixed distance each day, so say starts with 3 miles, then 4 then 5, then 6, etc, etc
  • The, I Opened all my Presents Too Soon runner - goes as LONG as possible on day 1 then decreases mileage each day.
  • The Hump Day runner, increases mileage until day 4 then decreases until day 7.
  • The Big Christmas Mileage runner - run as many miles as you can in 7 days, go BIG or go home - its Christmas after all!

You'll get a bespoke Christmas themed sequential BIB when you sign up and then during the week we'll ask you to share some of your miles and stories to our Facebook chat groups and then submit one total result through Phoenix World at the end.

This is a challenge for literally anyone of any running ability. If you're new to running, fancy something a bit different, or, fancy your first foray into multi-day endurance challenges, want to practice running consistent distances over consecutive days, or just seeing how many miles you can run in a week, then this is for you. And, if you're a seasoned ultra runner, then we'd love to have you aboard for some seriously BIG-WEEK mileage.

We probably don't really need to say it, but there will, of course, be our P7in7 medal (sent out during the challenge to all finishers who log miles) and this year it's presented in 'gold'.

Sounds simple right?

The details ...

  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    16 yrs

Organiser T&C's

All entries in accordance with Phoenix Running terms & conditions, available in full here.


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