PHOENIX - Speed Dating Run vs Taken 2020

Friday, 14 February 2020

Official online event entry for PHOENIX - Speed Dating Run vs Taken 2020, Friday, 14 February 2020

Yes - this really is happening because those who run together stay together and if you're already taken, well, we will find you and make you sign up!

On Valentine's Day 2020 Phoenix Running are inviting to you to come and run in one of our timed events with a difference. You actually get to go speed dating after every lap.

And don't worry if you're already 'Taken' because we have something for you too!

So how is this going to work then?

There will effectively be two running events happening at the same time, so if you're already spoken for, then come and run in our 'Taken' themed event. No prizes for guessing the inspiration here. You'll be starting as usual and heading out on our Eastbound Thames Path route, where you can complete as many or as few of the 5.3km, 3.28 mile laps as you like. You'll ring out as usual and receive an epic 'Taken' medal.

If you're single and you fancy meeting your ideal running partner then this one is for you!

Our speed daters will be heading out on our Westbound, blue bridge route, and after each lap you'll pass through the aid station into our seated 'dating area' at the Weir Pub, where there will be 30 or so pre-numbered seats with a 'pink' or 'blue' number. As you pass through the aid station you'll select a pink or blue laminated numbered card depending on whether you'd like to date a male or female and you go and sit in that numbered seat. Your date may already be waiting for you, in sweaty anticipation, or perhaps you've run faster and will arrive first. Either way, you won't have to wait long and when you're both seated you get two minutes to 'date' before your date is done and you both head out on your next lap.

Chances are you'll never 'date' the same person twice and if you do then perhaps CUPID is telling you something!

The more laps you run, the more dates you get and when you're all dated out then ring the bell and the dating, and running, is done.

It's fair to say that if it's a decent finish time you're after then this one probably isn't for you, but if you're looking for some running love then this could be it! I mean, where else would you get to go on a date where you're already sweaty before the date begins!

Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, we're going ask all the speed daters to bring a couple of passport sized photos. If you find love, these can be slotted into the medal to produce a lovely couple's photo!

The Event
This is one of our 6 hour timed events, where you choose from 5km to 10k, half to marathon to ultra, you can complete as many, or as few, laps as you like of a 5.3km, 3.28 mile, out and back, course along the beautiful river Thames. We welcome all abilities of runner - complete one lap and you're both a finisher and a winner in our eyes, or keep going and see how far you can get in the full 6 hour time limit and everyone gets the fabulous bespoke finishers' medal.

Places will be strictly limited so don't leave it too late to enter!

When Friday, 14 February 2020 @ 09:30
6hrs timed event | Flat | Trail
Max 150 competitors
Close 13/02/2020
Age Minimum : 18 yrs
Where The Xcel Leisure Centre (Rear Entrance), Waterside Drive, Walton on Thames, KT12 2JG
Organiser Phoenix Running Ltd | Rik Vercoe

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