PHOENIX - Face Masks

With face masks now becoming compulsory on all modes of public transport Phoenix Running are pleased to be able to bring you our very own bespoke version, presented in phoenix-yellow. with our Phoenix Running logo.

These masks are made from durable, washable, polyester cotton.

Check out our Band of Runners face masks too.

Price includes UK P&P only, not currently shipping overseas.

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PHOENIX - Face Masks

  • Facemask - Phoenix - Single (inc. P&P) £8.39
  • Facemask - Phoenix - 2pk (inc. P&P) £15.48
  • Facemask - Phoenix - 3pk (inc. P&P) £22.87
  • Facemask - Phoenix - 4pk (inc. P&P) £30.31
  • Facemask - Phoenix - 5pk (inc. P&P) £37.75