Online entry and ticket registration for charity events.

Online entry for charity sporting events

Organising an charity event is time consuming enough, so we at EventEntry are here to make your life just that little bit easier!

EventEntry has been created by sports people & running event organisers for sports people - we know, we understand - because we do it ourselves!

We are a family owned business, and created EventEntry because we knew that we could do better that the 'competition'.

We've removed all of the clutter, we don't have adverts, we're mobile friendly and importantly we're fully managed - you've got enough to be thinking about!

We don't insist on pre-registration, after all - the entry IS the registration, so why complicate matters ... what a faff!!

All-inclusive & totally transparent!

We manage your charity event entries for you, leaving you to concentrate on what's important.

As a service, EventEntry is totally free to setup and free for charities to use, with totally transparent fees based purely on your event price - nothing is hidden away - we have no other card processing charges and no VAT.

We have no minimum contract term, no minimum entries numbers - we're inclusive, not restrictive.

  • eg:
    • Entries upto £15 ... £0.75p
    • Entries upto £20 ... £1.00
    • Entries upto £25 ... £1.25
    • Entries upto £30 ... £1.50
    • Entries upto £35 ... £1.75
    • Entries upto £40 ... £2.00

Registered charities get reduced rates

Our rates already offer exceptional value, but for registered charities, we could offer reduced rates ... after all, you're doing amazing work and every penny counts - call 01530 444388 today to discuss, or contact us via email.

Reduced administration = Increased event profits

  • Free to setup
  • Fully managed ... no software required
  • No minimum term or volume contractual tie-ins
  • No adverts
  • Entrant pre-registration not required
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Friendly & memorable URL's ...
  • Prompt payments straight into the organisers bank account
  • Accept all major credit / debit cards, including PayPal
  • Secured SSL encryption
  • Standard questions to assist with Data Protection/GDPR compliance

Lots of great features ...

  • Event management and entrant details available 24/7 via secured organisers portal
  • SmartEntry - Checks that the entrant hasn't already entered
  • Fully customised titles, images & event descriptions
  • Real-time list of confirmed entrants
  • Real-time places remaining counter
  • Scheduled opening - automatically at a specific date/time
  • Automatically close entries based on date, event capacity or type
  • Age verification
  • Self-service entry transfers ... no organiser intervention required
  • Sell merchandise & optional extras (2.5% handling applies)
  • Accept donations
  • LiveChat with a real person
  • Additional T&C's
  • Customised questions
  • Date specific early-bird discounts
  • Maintain offline postal entries for free - all entries in one place!
  • Process refunds for free **

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