INFINITY - We'll Meet Again Virtual

Come and join us for this totally unique event.

Sign up with your best friend (entries MUST be made in pairs), running mate, or someone you can’t wait to see when this is all over.

One person signs up on behalf of you both and each person receives two of the same side of this unique medal.

Entries are £22 per pair (working our at £11 each) Firstly you run alone in the area you live and your friend does the same. You earn one side of the medal.

When lockdown is over and you can meet again, you then run with your running friend. When you finish, you give them the other half of the medal so you both end up with a complete medal.

These two medals join together to make a pair of holding hands.

This is a totally unique and unusual idea and something to look forward to once Lockdown and Covid are finally over.

The details ...

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Organiser T&C's

Entries MUST be made in pairs, single entries are not accepted.
Entries are limited to 50 pairs.


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INFINITY - We'll Meet Again Virtual

  • Virtual £11.00

    Entries MUST be made in pairs