INFINITY - Virtual - Last Runner Standing

This is the first of a totally unique kind of race. Can you run 4 miles in under one hour?

Then complete just one round to earn this medal.

At 8am everyone has to run 4 miles. Before 8:59 you must comment on the event Facebook page that you are done, or send us a message or email the same.

Everyone who completes in time progresses to the next hour.

At 9am off you go again, another 4 miles and a deadline to let us know you have finished by 9:55.

This will continue right through Saturday, into Saturday night and into Sunday if necessary until the Last Runner is Standing

There will be prizes for the winner of both the ladies and men.

Once completed, please send in your official times Strava, Garmin etc for verification (email to : )

The added fun is that on registration you will be randomly allocated a team, either Blue or Red.

As the event progresses miles for each team will be added up until either Red or Blue are the winners. We will keep you posted with the miles every few hours so you can cheer your team on.

The team which wins will have the added bonus of a pin badge on their ribbon saying they were in the winning team.

If you wish to have your own teams as well, just let us know and we can have a bit of extra fun.

The medal has been specifically designed for this event and is one of our unusual unique designs as always. The front door opens to show the runners and closes to show the last runner standing.

We hope to run this event again later in the year so the winner can defend their title. The 'live' versions of this event is due to be held in October in Bryan Bach Park, circumstances allowing.

A full email of rules and instructions will be sent out a few days before.

Every entrant will also receive a Freddo bar of course!

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