So here is our biggest, heaviest and most unusual medal to date.

The Key to deTERMINATION is a unique medal to mark the termination of lockdown and hopefully the return of some form of normality until we can host our events again.

Run any distance you like at any time and earn this super medal

It�s 200mm in length and 15mm thick and limited to 100

There is also an end of lockdown badge to go with the medal. So maybe you can earn your medal and add on the badge once lockdown has completely ceased, or just wait to reward yourself with the medal until this is all over.

Your entry fee will give you this beautiful bespoke medal and badge and or course a host of chocolate and sweets to help you along your way. We are also continuing to make donations to the NHS charities.

We thank you for your support of the virtual runs in these strange times and hopefully look forward to seeing you all again in person as soon as it�s safe to do so.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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