INFINITY - The 12 Runs of Christmas

2020 has proved a most challenging year for everyone in so many ways. So to end 2020, as we we can�t meet for usual Christmas party run, here is a virtual challenge for you.

So what are the rules?
You need to run 12 times in the month of December or into January.

On each day you need to select one of the following sets of things to find on your route. If you prefer you can mix them up so maybe find half of the Christmas trees and one bus stop on one day, and find the others on another run.

The only steadfast rule is you must run on 12 different days.

Really it�s just for a bit of fun but we would love to see photos of some of the things you find on the way. If you run in fancy dress, even better and there will be a prize for the best costume.

So on your 12 runs you need to find :

  • 12 Junction turnings
  • 11 Christmas tress
  • 10 Different streets
  • 9 Bus shelters
  • 8 Eating places
  • 7 Santa Claus's
  • 6 Corner shops
  • 5 miles long (one run of 5 miles)
  • 4 loopy laps (4 laps of any distance)
  • 3 hill runs (3 hills big or large)
  • 2 reindeer
  • And a subway to get you back home

If you really struggle feel free to adapt to something you can find but we think most of these things are pretty accessible even in smaller towns and villages

Every entry will receive a selection box. Yes, an actual selection box all to yourself. If necessary, feel free to hide away from kids and other halves.

The medal is a whopping 120mm x 90mm and is bright and glittery. No mention of the dreaded 'C word' - this is Christmas!

Once you sign up, the packs will be sent out but the beginning of December so when you complete your challenge it�s there ready for you when you finish.

Please post photos along your way and when you complete the challenge.

Thank you once again for all your amazing support this year in the most difficult if circumstances for many reasons and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hopefully 2021 will bring us back together doing the sport we all love so much.

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