INFINITY - Run Around the Clock Challenge

Here is our heaviest medal to date at a whopping 550g! This cute guy will stand alone, is 3D and also double sided.

So how do you earn one of these beauties.

Here are the rules

1. When you sign up you must decide if you are completing this challenge in miles or kilometres and over what time frame. Both of these are entirely up to you. Obviously, the shorter the time frame, like a week or a weekend, the tougher the challenge.

2. You need to start running on every hour of the clock, give or take a minute or so. So you must start running at 1pm or am, 2pm or am, etc until you reach 12.

3. On the hour you start, you must run that amount of miles or kilometres, depending on what you pledged when you signed up. So when you start running at 3 you must run 3miles or 3km. When you start running at 10, you run 10miles or 10km. You do this until you have run around the clock

4. You can do the hours in any order you choose and as many in a day as you want. This is entirely up to you and how far you want to challenge yourself.

5. Your total distance will mount up to 78miles or 78km.

6. Once you have completed every hour, just email us your evidence for us to post out your medal, and of course some goodies to go with it.

This challenge is as difficult as you wish to make it. The medal is totally unique and we haven�t seen another event with this criteria before. Entries will remain open indefinitely.

As with all our events, we try to keep the costs right down, because of the size and weight of this medal, he has come in a bit more expensive than our other virtuals. I promise you won�t be disappointed when he crashes onto your doormat!

Evidence can be in any format, even just a written log if your watch crashes or you don�t own one. Send everything to [email protected]. We will collate a table of everyone who completes this challenge with their stats and this will be on our website.

Good luck and make sure you don�t feed him after dark!

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INFINITY - Run Around the Clock Challenge

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