INFINITY - Last Runner Standing The Rematch

After our successful first Last Runner Standing earlier in the year, it’s time for the rematch.

This time we begin at 8pm in Friday 18th June. This means the night running will be over with first which may, or may not help

The rules are simple:

  • On the start of each hour you run 4 miles. You have until 59 minutes passed that hour to finish.
  • At the start of the next hour you go again and run another 4 miles.
  • This keeps going until we have our Last Runner Standing.
There will be Strava group and we will be live online on Facebook all day. Runners are welcome to use WhatsApp or messenger to comment they are done.

When finished, your evidence must be submitted for verification by an external adjudicator.

Your miles must show that you ran live at the times stated, so strava evidence will have splits, times and all the appropriate data. If you don’t use Strava and have some other GPS watch, simply take a quick photo when you finish your lap to send after your run.

This evidence is most important for those still left in at the end as we need to verify the winners.

There will be trophies for the winning man and lady.

Bespoke medal and, of course, a Freddo for every entrant.

We will monitor the event continually on Facebook until we reach our winner.

This is a really tough challenge, the hardest part being continually starting and stopping.

Push yourself to your limits and see how far you can go.

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INFINITY - Last Runner Standing The Rematch

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