Helimed Rescue Challenge

Your journey starts as you stand at the South-Westernmost tip of the UK. There's a brisk wind blowing in off the sea and a faint spray of sea salt is in the air. In the distance you hear the whir of helicopter blades and you turn to see a bright red helicopter fly low and fast across the sky just a short distance away, you watch as it passes knowing that it's racing to rescue someone in difficulty.

We have created an exciting new event to help you maintain long term motivation to move and exercise, by taking on a virtual tour of the UK via every Air Ambulance airbase! For a small entry fee you will get support for an entire year, including weekly videos from a PT to help build strength alongside fitness, monthly treasure hunts making the miles more fun, and a fabulously friendly Facebook community.

Choose whether to run, cycle, swim, walk, row, cross train, count your steps, hop, skip, or jump; in fact any distance based exercise you want to use (or combination of any of them) to cover the 2268 miles for this eye opening tour, alone or as a team. You have 12 months to complete if you enter by 01/01/23; it's only 44 miles per week. You can have as many members in your team as you choose, even adding more members along the way! We will help with lots of ideas on grabbing extra miles with tiny adjustments to lifestyle, that really will form habits that are easy to keep.

Travelling around the UK visiting all the Airbases, you will discover some unbelievable stories of life saving missions and with just a little bit of imagination, you will feel like you've been on an amazing journey!

Choose to include a fabulous event vest or medal (or both) or just opt to take part only. All our team are volunteers, so that all proceeds go to Air Ambulances UK, who do an amazing job saving lives.

How it works

  • enter to complete the distance alone or as a team. Teams can be of any size and any ages.
  • Each team member must enter the event & each on their entry state the name of their Team.
  • you don't need any fancy tech to track your miles, we trust you.
  • Miles can be completed any way that you want using your own energy, it's all about keeping motivated with long term exercise! Individuals and teams can use any combination of methods, and gym equipment is allowed.
  • All mileage is cumulative and the team members combine their mileage together to reach their destination
  • Log your mileage updates online, and each time your team reaches a checkpoint (31 in total) we will email the whole team about their latest adventures.

The details ...

  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    4 yrs

Organiser T&C's

Completion deadline : 31/12/2023
No refunds, deferrals or transfers
Each entrant must have a unique email address
Optional extras (t-shirts / vests / medals) may only be purchased for confirmed entrants - ordering extra's for non-participants is not permitted.

All team members must have entered the event individually to participate.


Entries Remaining

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Helimed Rescue Challenge

  • Entry Fee £13.50