Global Sports Challenge 2024

Welcome to our Global Sports Challenge 2024! This year, all NAE students will unite as one team to travel along a virtual route visiting famous sports stadiums and arenas worldwide.

The challenge will begin on the 23rd September and run until the 29th November. Students can choose various ways to travel, such as running, walking, swimming, skiing, wheelchair - so long as they are self-powered. Checkpoints will be celebrated during a weekly update, where students can learn about the sport stadiums they've travelled to so far.

As the Lead Teacher for your school, you need to keep track of the number of miles that your students travel and input this data here.

You may want to get involved by doing a one-off event such as a fun run/swimathon/walk and input your total miles once. (For example, 350 students each run one mile in your one-off fun run, then you would input 350 miles.)

You may want to get involved on a daily or weekly basis and input your miles more frequently. It's up to you when you do this - so long as all the miles are inputted before 30th November! (For example, 350 students do a daily mile, 5 days a week. Each week you would input 1750 miles.)

It's up to you as a school to get involved as much or as little as you want, but every mile helps us get closer to our finishing line! Please do take photographs of your students getting involved and share them on Global Campus. We'd also love to hear your stories about the different activities you have done - hopefully it will inspire other schools!

The aim is to bring together all the NAE students to work as a team, whilst also encouraging everyone, irrelevant of their sporting abilities, to be involved and take part in sport and exercise. Thank you for helping us to achieve this!

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Global Sports Challenge 2024

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