Escape from Chernobyl Virtual

It is 01:23 Saturday 26 April 1986, and during safety tests at Chernobyl Nuclear plant, something has gone horribly wrong and reactor 4 has gone into meltdown, causing a massive explosion. Radioactive particles are billowing into the atmosphere, and the world's worst nuclear disaster has begun. The cold war is still in progress, the Soviet Union is in total denial about the accident and so your only means of escape is using your own (environmentally friendly) energy.

Choose whether to run, cycle, swim, walk, row, cross train, in fact any distance based exercise you want to use (or a combination of any of them) the 2665 miles back to safety, alone or as a team. You have 12 months to complete if you enter by April 26th 2021, so that is only 51.25 miles per week (most dog owners walk over 1 mile a day) and you can have as many members in your team as you choose, and you can even add more members along the way!

As you travel through Europe, tracking the path of the radiation fall out, crossing 10 countries via 15 checkpoints, you will discover facts and points of interest about the places you travel through and as you reach each checkpoint, you will collect passport style stamps (virtual) and with just a little bit of imagination, you will feel like you've been on an amazing journey!

Discover a bizarre but gigantic library, a city protected by a mermaid, learn why over 30,000 women and children remained silent (is that even possible?), the best place to find multiple dwarf statues, stunning clear lakes, magnificent mountains, legends, catacombs, wolves, an animal that has barely changed since the ice age, rice paddies, secret tunnels, and did Marie Antoinette really say 'Let them eat cake'? Plus many, many more interesting facts and photos. Let us take you on a fantastic adventure!

Available at time of entry you can include a fabulous event medal and shirt (or both), all our team are volunteers and all proceeds raised go to Chernobyl Children's Project UK, who help children in Belarus suffering with severe disabilities and second and third cancers caused by the contamination still present today.

If you would like to take part but need a team and don't have one, contact us and we will put you in touch with others needing extra members or also without a team.

How it works
Enter to complete the distance alone or as a team. Teams can be of any size and any ages.

Each individual member of the team still enters the event, each individual entrant must state the name of the Team that they belong to.

Miles can be completed by running, cycling, swimming, walking, rowing, cross trainer, rolling in your wheelchair, pretty much any form of distance exercise that you can do we will accept, it's all about keeping motivated with long term exercise! Individuals and teams can use any combination of these methods, and gym equipment is allowed.

You don't need any fancy tech to capture your mileage, we trust you to be honest!

All mileage is cumulative and team members combine their mileage together to reach their destination

Log your mileage updates online, and each time your team reaches a checkpoint (15 in total) we will email the whole team about their latest adventures.  

Remember to take lots of photos of your activities and share them with us on the community section of this page so we can cheer you on in your adventure!

If at any point you need some encouragement, just get in touch and we will help.

Tee/Vest orders will be sent out after the 35th anniversary of the disaster, which is 26/04/2021, so you can wear it with pride whilst clocking up your miles. Medals will be sent on completion. Please note Medals and Tees/Vest cannot be sent outside of the UK

Track your team on the map and see where others are too.

You can even ownload your own personal bib number 

We request parents to monitor their children's checkpoint emails as information is provided about how the radiation impacted all countries travelled through.

The details ...

  • Max' Entrants

  • Close

  • Min' Age

    1 yrs

Organiser T&C's

Completion deadline : 25/04/2022
No refunds, deferrals or transfers
Each entrant must have a unique email address
Optional extras (t-shirts / vests / medals) may only be purchased for confirmed entrants - ordering extra's for non-participants is not permitted.


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Escape from Chernobyl Virtual

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